My Health & Fitness Story

Over the years I did sport for example gymnastics, dancing, played t-ball, softball, baseball, tennis and I swam.

My weight over the years between 12 and 19 I was 30kg ,35kg ,30kg, 41.0 ,42.5kg. You can see I have trouble gaining weight. But then I found a way to bring on the weight. You guess it. I love going to the gym it’s so fun and the best thing is that I can bring my friend along and it’s just another way to get fit and health as my goal is to get to 50-55kg.

I mentioned that I to the gym and I work on my whole body but I break it down into upper body and lower body I also drink energy drinks like Powerade and water. The reasons I drink the Powerade is to give my body the sugars, salts that it lacks and they taste great. I’m also bad at drinking water so the Powerade is prefect.


I know that people that do health and fitness and it’s all about to loss weight it’s just some of us can’t put weight on. Honesty i couldn’t find a blog that helped when i googled what is the best thing to put on the weight besides eating. so that’s when I decided to write my own blog on health and fitness. I hope this will help you reading my story. I will be doing an update if any thing  changes like me reaching my goal.

Take Care and Be Nice to One Another



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