Over Fidget Spinners


Before reading this I have nothing against YouTube itself or the people who work of them NOR this is a RANT.

It’s only for entertainment and It’s just my opinion.

I hope you enjoy

I get the fact that fidget spinners are to help people. I can not help to think that when I looked on the YouTube Trending page that the 12th video down is a kid that loses an eye to a fidget spinners.

In the video the guy says that he going to watch some fail videos of fidget spinners and then the youtuber goes on to say that there is a that loses his eye from a fidget spinner and then starts to promote the fidget spinner if you like his video and subscribe to his channel.

Look i’m not saying this youtuber is bad and saying no to him promoting the things that he like and other people in the world like it.

Like it seemed the YouTuber didn’t care and just brushes it of and i’m so over youtubers saying hit the bell if want this and that or be subscribe and i get that they all need views but an enough is enough If i’m watching a video and i have never seen your channel and you tell me to subscribe and hit the bell in every one of your videos.

I know what your thinking.

It’s not the YouTubers it’s the people that other people in the company of YouTube.

I’m just going to say it that YouTube will never go back to what it was.

I mean its fine people have to make money and views and all that but what if I want to just watch one of your video and you don’t put hit the bell and like button it well probably mean I will be a fan of you channel and I won’t feel pressured into becoming your fan.


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