What do I use my planner for

Hey everyone 

Today I’ll be blogging about what I use my planner for. (These are just what I put in). If you are first starting a planner here are some questions and my answers to help you though a overwelleming time. 


Dose a planner have to be expenses or can it be cheap? 


For the first time planning I don’t think you should get an expenses planner as you may not use all of it. But if you just get a cheap one and you don’t use it you aren’t going to be sad about it.

In my experience I have a $5 target planner


Do you what your planner to be functional or pretty or both?


My planner is differently functional but there is nothing wrong with pretty planner. 
End of question and awnsers

I have an index where I go though my planner and grab a sticky note and write the pages that I wanna keep so I can forward them to the next planner and have a full system as this planner dosent have a system

(Do this as a mid review) 

At the end of the day it about finding your planner peace 

Hope this blog post on what do I put in my planner helps you out 



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