New Update

New updates

Hey Everyone

New updates on next month SEPTEMBER

The things i’ll be talk about is:

  1. The schedule
  2. Why the schedule is changing for the month of SEPTEMBER
  3. Blog dates
  4. Other information


1. The Schedule

For the past 3 months I have been posting on Mondays and it’s been so much fun.

2. Schedule Change and Why

September is going to be different for posting blogs

I’ll be away from the internet until the second week of September.

3. These are the dates blogs will be posted

18th, and the  25th which are both Mondays

20th and the 27th which are both Wednesday


4. Other Information

If you have an thoughts or ideas on blog post please feel free to let me know on my social media

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Thank you for reading my blog post today

Hope you enjoy the rest of your day



Being Yourself Poem

Hey everyone

My new poem is called Being Yourself.


This poem may have a different meaning to you then what it dose for me so please be mindful when reading it

Being Yourself

The night is young

My lungs feel so free

A laugh is what I need

Until then I can live as a bee


You speak of wisdom

And yet you lie about the truth

I love and loved you

But you seem not to care


I’m done from hiding

I’m done from society

I’m done from caring

I’m done from you


You find me in the playground

You try to talk to me

You can’t knock me down

Even if it tried


I’m happy as can be

I’m happy why can’t you see

I’m happy in society

I’m happy being me

END of poem

I hope you enjoy  Being Yourself Poem.

I had so much fun writing the poem and it’s what is in my heart and I write by what i feel.


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Bullet Journal Thoughts

!!!Growing up!!!


Bullet Journal Thoughts

Hey everyone

Here is a question

Why is that index at the front of the bullet journal?

When it should be a contents page or table of contents. For all you bullet journal lovers out there dose this not bother anyone else, i mean when i was growing up i would look in  a book and at the back of a book there would be a glossy or index page and at the front  there will be a contents page or table of contents.

So why is the Bullet Journal have an index at the front shouldn’t it be a contents page.

As I keep thinking about this it just shows how something can be so different but yet so motivating and is a big help to all of us.

In the end if putting the index at the front is making you happy then go ahead keep doing it.

I hope your at planner peace


Growing up

!!!Growing up!!!

Yesterday I had a random thought what do I really want to be when I grow up? 

As a child I wanted to be a teacher, work with animals, be a dancer, go to space. List gose on. 

But as an adult I love my job, I love writing and creating these blog post every Monday. 

If I can make one person smile that makes me the happiest all i wanna do is bring happiest thought my blogs than that makes me happy. 

So the question is 

What do you wanna be when you grow up? 

Please share your answers in the comments or on my twitter @comelong2create and use the #growingup

Remember to stay awesome