Traveler's Notebook

5 days DIY Traveler’s Notebook

Hey Everyone

Welcome back to another blog post

5 days in a Travelers notebook that I made myself.

A few days before I knew that I wasn’t going to use my bullet journal for the month of May as it hadn’t been working as I didn’t have much going on in my life and I really don’t so I decided that I would try a travelers notebook style but it didn’t want to spend a lot of money so I didn’t but I thought I couldn’t make it. I know how to sew and that’s what I did.

I found some old pretty cards that I had laying around the house, I had the paper (coloured paper because it is better for my eyes then white paper) and I have a sewing machine.

At first, I made 3 inserts one is for my blog, the second one is for planning and the last is for the gym I didn’t have to make or buy any made insert as I like having blank paper no dots/ lines or grid.

Then I set it up like I wanted it I made my cover out of matiral that i had already, i was happy with its turn out yes in no way is it perfect but that what i was going for and it reminds me that no one is perfect and i love having my pages look rough and messy becuase it gave my travelers notebook some charater and I am enjoying it I have added an extra insert but i am no where in complete of happyness and the more i play with it and the more i write in it is where my creative never ends.

This is why there wasn’t a Wednesday blog post as I was making my travel notebook and I couldn’t be more excited to go on my adventure in it. I well differently have an update on it and look for that on my social media

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post today and remember to have fun and be creative



6 thoughts on “5 days DIY Traveler’s Notebook”

    1. I love planning but i really dont have a busy schedule so bullet jou weren’t working and to heavy and the other travel notebook i thought I make my own 100% and if you want i can make another blog post in more detail on how to make with pictures to help you course


      1. I like the idea of planners but I just use a wall calendar and don’t really have a busy schedule either. But I love how pretty some planners and journals can look and the creativity.
        You should definitely do a post about how to make them. I actually follow some great youtubers who have tutorials I’m going to try to use, but it’s always good to see different styles and processes.


      2. I happy to do a post I was already going to an update to that post as a follow- up. What the whole idea was that to show me that I don’t want a pretty planner I don’t have a busy life and I’m not perfect so I don’t want my planner to be perfect. But the idea for DIY so can make it to what you want it to be. I hope this help I have a tip is to have a plan of what you want in it whether its tracking gym workouts or collections.


  1. I made mine myself, too 🙂 From a piece of leather I had laying around for years because I’d always wanted to use it for something special – and I did.
    Mine has three inserts, too. A journal, a bullet journal and the third one is still blank but I’ll find some purpose for it. Maybe use it as a sketchbook.

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