I’m weird, I’m crazy,

I’m silly, I’m fun,

I can be sad, mad or glad,

I know you are always there,

I know I like to poke fun at my own stupidity,

I know I can make you laugh.

I know you understand me,

I know that you are one incredible and amazing human being.

What we define as means more to me than a title on a book or movie.

You are my world,

And I am yours,

I know it is too early to tell who is yin and who is yang,

you speak without words, your actions are big like a painting and your heart skips a beat,

When you fall ill be there to catch you

I’ll be by your side for whatever nature throws at you.

I would like to say I LOVE YOU with all my heart, I would never in a million years think I would find someone that is so truly understanding and willing to see who I really play in my chapter.

Yes this is just the beginning and I can not wait for you to help me write our chapter.

I can wait to see what we well unfold.


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