New Update


Hey Everyone

Welcome back to a brand new post.

This is an update on what is happening on the new things that you will be seeing.

What is new:

  • A new series – Digital drawing
  • The website will be changing in the next few months- so keep an eye out for that.


Hope you enjoy this post and have a wonderful week.





I’m weird, I’m crazy,

I’m silly, I’m fun,

I can be sad, mad or glad,

I know you are always there,

I know I like to poke fun at my own stupidity,

I know I can make you laugh.

I know you understand me,

I know that you are one incredible and amazing human being.

What we define as means more to me than a title on a book or movie.

You are my world,

And I am yours,

I know it is too early to tell who is yin and who is yang,

you speak without words, your actions are big like a painting and your heart skips a beat,

When you fall ill be there to catch you

I’ll be by your side for whatever nature throws at you.

I would like to say I LOVE YOU with all my heart, I would never in a million years think I would find someone that is so truly understanding and willing to see who I really play in my chapter.

Yes this is just the beginning and I can not wait for you to help me write our chapter.

I can wait to see what we well unfold.

New Update

New Update

Hey everyone

Welcome back

I know that there wasn’t any post this week but I can tell you that I have been working on parts 2 to 5  like so please bare with me.

I have now decided to just upload whenever so no scheduled date or day.

Where I have been?

I have been busy working on new content and been focusing on personal matters.

Have I been using my Travelers notebook?

NO, here is why.

Simply I haven’t had any time I plan on getting back on the wagon in July.


BONUS POST, Uncategorized

Oh my June alreadyu

Hey everyone

It’s June already can’t believe the first 6months of 2018 is almost over.

So I have come up with a mid year review 3 question.

1. Are you happy with what you have a achieved so far the year?

2. What are your next 6months goals?

3. What is something you have learnt about yourself that want to fix?

Hope you liked my post. Feel free to leave feedback wether it is a comment or a like.

Every Monday in June will be a blog post. Tell me if you like Monday or Wednesday’s better to upload?


Short stories

4 High-Schoolers With One Dream

Hi everyone

Welcome back to another blog post.

Today’s post is going to be a little different. As I have made up a story. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have writing it.

There we were sitting in drama class while the teacher was talking to a really hot guy, he had a small ink tattoo on the back of his neck in the shape of a skull, he had black hair and eyes, tall but not to thin.

ACE is so dreamy; Oh my did I just say that out loud.

*classmates laugh*

“Is this sport taken?” Ace said

“Ahh no of course not silly” as Gabby giggled and blushed

The teacher begins her lesson by splitting the class into two groups Atlanta and Ethan, that make Gabby and Ace in the second group.

Each student picked a character from the hat Gabby always went first as she always wanted to get the lead part (she a bit of a show-off) she pasted it to Ace the new kid and each student got what there wanted.

Gabby was so excited she got the lead role. Princess Porky

Ace got bacon which is the name of porky’s best friend the dog is black with a white tummy

Atlanta’s role was a very special role she had the toughest character the yellow blob which didn’t do much or really say anything because it’s a blob.

Ethan’s role was tiny tin Timothy he was porky’s dum brother.

The play is based on the Fluffybum Kingdom with a few characters changes Like the best friend was kitty the cat and the yellow rock that tiny tin Timothy took from the garden. Where the characters that were picked by the teacher.

LET’S BEGIN acting the scenes starting with Princess Porky and Bacon

* Bell rings for lunch*

Gabby and her to friends Ethan and Atlanta see Ace sitting at a bench by himself and there walk over to him and sit down and introduce themselves to him.

“Let me guess Gabby likes taking control, she wears dresses with spots on them pink and white with white shoes, her favourite colour is pink. Now to Atlanta Gabby’s best friend, you are the smart one that actually likes school, is friends with everyone but also secretly hates them because you don’t want to upset and Atlanta likes to wear all back dresses. Then there is little Ethan who didn’t really have a pacific group so you just tag long to what group you want but it’s most of the time this group, Ethan I like to wear all demin with a white top and white shoes”. Ace said before Gabby could say anything.

“How did you know I didn’t say anything” Gabby replied in shocked.

“I have my ways” Ace laughed.

To be continued….

Well that is it for part 1 I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have.

Feel free to leave feedback in the comments.

Until my next post stay safe and have a wonderful week.


Traveler's Notebook

5 days DIY Traveler’s Notebook

Hey Everyone

Welcome back to another blog post

5 days in a Travelers notebook that I made myself.

A few days before I knew that I wasn’t going to use my bullet journal for the month of May as it hadn’t been working as I didn’t have much going on in my life and I really don’t so I decided that I would try a travelers notebook style but it didn’t want to spend a lot of money so I didn’t but I thought I couldn’t make it. I know how to sew and that’s what I did.

I found some old pretty cards that I had laying around the house, I had the paper (coloured paper because it is better for my eyes then white paper) and I have a sewing machine.

At first, I made 3 inserts one is for my blog, the second one is for planning and the last is for the gym I didn’t have to make or buy any made insert as I like having blank paper no dots/ lines or grid.

Then I set it up like I wanted it I made my cover out of matiral that i had already, i was happy with its turn out yes in no way is it perfect but that what i was going for and it reminds me that no one is perfect and i love having my pages look rough and messy becuase it gave my travelers notebook some charater and I am enjoying it I have added an extra insert but i am no where in complete of happyness and the more i play with it and the more i write in it is where my creative never ends.

This is why there wasn’t a Wednesday blog post as I was making my travel notebook and I couldn’t be more excited to go on my adventure in it. I well differently have an update on it and look for that on my social media

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post today and remember to have fun and be creative


Monthly favs

Aprils Favourites

Hey Everyone

It’s Mythoughtsforreal here with another blog post My April Favourites

How this will work is I will list my favourite things about each category for example  Music, Social Media and fitness. Each month the categories may change depending each month

April Favourites


This month I really liked the song “IDGAF” by Dua Lipa and also the song “Something Just Like This” by the Chainsmokers and Coldplay

Social Media:

  •  YouTube




This month was a rocky started but I had a good month just brain farts with not being creative hopefully next month I can do more and listen.



New Update

It’s been while

Hey everyone

It’s been a while

Welcome to a new blog post

Why I have stopped posting blogs?

I have stopped posting because I just ran out of ideas I have also been busy with getting fit, eating healthy and working on my story.

Am I going to be back and uploading Monday and Wednesday?

No, I am not at least not for this month. However, I will be trying to think of ideas and hopefully find a way to balance everything out so I can have a tonne of new ideas and new post out for you.

For now, I leave you with this and hope to be uploading more very soon


New Update


Hey everyone

So where have I been? Why I have stop blogging?

To answer those questions we have to go back to December I decide that for 2018 that I only want to put out content that is helpful and that I will be posting when ever; there will be no schedule but either be uploading on a Wednesday or Monday.

I stoped blogging because I didn’t like some of my content that I was putting out nor did I edit them so I’m learn how to be patient with my writing and how to edit them properly. So yes it will take a while. But in no time I have an update when thing will be back to normal.

I also have been working on some things behind the scenes

I hope this is helpful on where I have been and why I stoped blogging


Planners, Updates

What’s New In 2018

Hey everyone

Welcome back to another blog post

What is staying the same:

  • My Blog Schedule

I’m keeping my uploading schedule for two days a week.

What days

Wednesdays and Fridays if your in the South Pacific

Tuesdays and Thursdays everywhere else

For Social Media twitter and insta, I will be trying to post daily

Whats Changing?

Starting in January I will be in my second bullet journal and I have it almost set up to how I want. I so looking forward to the change I will not be doing a flip through of my first ever bj. Maybe later down the track but not now.

I will be posting a lot more next year, so start tune for that