New Series, New Update

End of October, Start of November

Hey Everyone

Welcome back to another blog post

Wrap up of October

October has been a wonderful month for me read 2 books and on to my third, I have been somewhat consistent on my blog post and prep October for NaNoWriMo.

that’s is a wrap of October 2018

Next month November

It is almost November which means NaNoWriMo this year I’m writing a mystery. ( I will not be telling you the name of my story just yet).

I will be taking you through my NaNoWriMo process and I took you a week to week process. These are what some of the thing I will be sharing with you.

  1. My set up for November
  2. Why I chose to do NaNoWriMo this year and have I tried in the past?
  3. Am I writing in the morning or evening?
  4. Was I prepared enough for NaNoWriMo?
  5.  What could I have done differently?
  6. Well, I will be doing NaNoWriMo again next year?




Like a lefty, New Update, Planners

October is around the corner

Hey everyone

Welcome to another post

Have you planned for October?

I have. For October I have given up the pen to paper (bullet journaling) and have started to plan digitally.

All of my plans are in one note. After setting it up I am liking it and I will continue to use it until the end of the year and play around with it so when next year comes I can have planner piece.

I have always liked one note and I think it fits in perfectly with the ring binders (journals) aka Kiki K among others but it on devices instead of paper and I do not think it’s a bad idea also it saves trees and that sought of stuff. And hey I do like a pen to paper as it gives that old school effect but at the same time, I’m always typing stuff so I just go to my google calendar for a lot of things like appointments, birthdays, work stuff etc. So it only makes sense for me to have my planner on my laptop. And I do not always look to know what to put it when my life isn’t busy and I can’t really look up a lot of things as I haven’t come across anything that really works for me as I’m a lefty I know (first world problems) :P. So again digital plan seems to work for me I don’t have to deal ink on my hand or a binding of a book or rings. I can simply delete the page if I don’t want it or don’t like it. Also on that note, I can easily change the font two or a week later and not have to use white ou if I get the date wrong or I spell incorrectly.

I would like to know your thoughts on this?


Yes, I know that I have not posted in a while and that is for good reason. Just know the thing has been in the works and I have been with life as you do. I just thought to make this quick post as it has been more than two months.

Please keep in mind that this is just my opinion. So chill and have a wonderful day/night where ever you are in the world.



New Update


Hey Everyone

Welcome back to a brand new post.

This is an update on what is happening on the new things that you will be seeing.

What is new:

  • A new series – Digital drawing
  • The website will be changing in the next few months- so keep an eye out for that.


Hope you enjoy this post and have a wonderful week.



New Update

New Update

Hey everyone

Welcome back

I know that there wasn’t any post this week but I can tell you that I have been working on parts 2 to 5  like so please bare with me.

I have now decided to just upload whenever so no scheduled date or day.

Where I have been?

I have been busy working on new content and been focusing on personal matters.

Have I been using my Travelers notebook?

NO, here is why.

Simply I haven’t had any time I plan on getting back on the wagon in July.


New Update

It’s been while

Hey everyone

It’s been a while

Welcome to a new blog post

Why I have stopped posting blogs?

I have stopped posting because I just ran out of ideas I have also been busy with getting fit, eating healthy and working on my story.

Am I going to be back and uploading Monday and Wednesday?

No, I am not at least not for this month. However, I will be trying to think of ideas and hopefully find a way to balance everything out so I can have a tonne of new ideas and new post out for you.

For now, I leave you with this and hope to be uploading more very soon


New Update


Hey everyone

So where have I been? Why I have stop blogging?

To answer those questions we have to go back to December I decide that for 2018 that I only want to put out content that is helpful and that I will be posting when ever; there will be no schedule but either be uploading on a Wednesday or Monday.

I stoped blogging because I didn’t like some of my content that I was putting out nor did I edit them so I’m learn how to be patient with my writing and how to edit them properly. So yes it will take a while. But in no time I have an update when thing will be back to normal.

I also have been working on some things behind the scenes

I hope this is helpful on where I have been and why I stoped blogging


Like a lefty, New Update, November

Handwriting like a lefty

Hey everyone

Welcome back to my blog. I hope you enjoy today’s post.


I have recently been into journaling a lot and I feel like my style of handwriting has really come out. My style was print and cursive put together for the longest time and I never knew how to fix it make it one or the other. But I was on youtube and I was watching a video from sunshine & stationary- she has a series called lettering like a left and I got motivated to try and journal abit more. I’m so happy that I did take that leap.

I will be having pictures of my journaling on my Instagram so stay tuned for that.


My Insta

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

Be safe and remember to keep going you can do anything but the first step is to try.


Let's breathe, New Update

Tip and Trick

Hey everyone

Welcome back to another blog post

This post is all about tips and ticks with gain weight.

I know for some people it is a nightmare to gain weight and its stressful but it doesn’t have to be. It’s actually very simple.

  1.  If you can’t gain weight by eating then that okay still eat but go to the gym and work on strength it’s a wonderful thing and it help you stay motivate because being forces on one thing at a time will make sure your doing every workout safely and correct.
  2. Keep eating even if just small meals on the go or at lunch etc.
  3. Make sure you drink water it’s going to help your body in many ways
  4. talk to your gym and you may need a personal trainer there to help not judge.
  5. ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST but DON’T PUSH YOURSELF TO MUCH but a little every time.
  6. be proud of your body and who you are



I know that gaining weight isn’t for everyone but please be respectful and let people do what they want it is there body and if there need to gain weight go head. I fully have you back.


New Update, November

November is Here

Hey everyone 

Are you excited?

Welcome to November

  • 2 blog post next week
  • YOU MUST be following me on Twitter and Instagram to see all the sneak-peaks
  • Each week will be themed (try to my best)

Planning November

  1. Have you planned your November?
  2. Do you have a theme?
  3. What is exciting that’s coming up for you in this month?

My Answers to the following Questions

  1. Yes I have planned November in my bullet journal
  2. My theme is pink and blue
  3. I have my 30 day November challenge

Please twitter me or Instagram me your answers to my question.


My Instagram

My Twitter


New Update

Goodbye October Hello November

Hey everyone

Welcome to my blog post for this week. I am Mythoughsforreal where I blog about my thoughts on the world or random thoughts that I would like for the world to hear.

If that seems interesting than stick around and welcome to what it’s like being inside my head.

October Favourites

Social Media

  • Thinking of new ideas for my blog- has been my favourite thing so far also giving sneak-peaks of what I have been doing for next year.
  • Being on Twitter and Instagram most days has been wonderful and a big help
  • Twitter and insta is now @Mythoughtsforrea (twitter) and mythoughtsforreal on (insta)


November is just around the corner.

I’m so excited for what I have in store for you guys #somanyblogideas

What is coming out this month?

  • 2 brand new blog post a week
  • More sneak-peeks for  the up coming months and next year


I hope you have a wonderful week, I hope you enjoy reading my blog post and look forward to the next one. If you like this blog post check out more of my post click the links.

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