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My 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

Hey everyone

Welcome back to another post.

My setup for 2018 bullet journal no. 2

What am I adding my second one Bullet Journal:

  • Firstly there is an index page there 2 back to font
  • There is the first 6-month calendar
  • 2 pages for goals
  • 2 pages for brainstorms
  • waiting list
  • B’day plans
  • Word count- for my story
  • My gym lesson

What I am migrating over to the second BJ:

  • Monthly
  • Weekly
  • daily- I’m trying to do more of them

Collection I am not to migrate over because I don’t have any in the old BJ

I will be putting all of my photos of my setup on my Instagram before this year is over as and any new ones in the new year.


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November FAVS

Hey Everyone

Welcome back you another blog post.

My November Favourites are

  • Cheap pens- light blue and pink that I have been writing in my planner
  • My 30 day November challenge
  • I love writing and editing my posts
  • I loved being on social media
  • Braindumps
  • Traveling
  • Journaling
  • I have been loving the book that I have been listening to

Everything this month has been so much fun and I have really enjoyed.

Hope that December will be just more of an enjoyable time


Let's breathe, November

Staying True, Staying You.

Hey everyone

Welcome back to another week of what it is like being inside my head.

Do you ever have those days where you feel so productive and you still don’t get half the crap you needed to get done and you feel so upset that you look your To-do list and think what was I think that’s too much all in one day? So you be smart and move things around but you feel even more upset, you wanna keep pushing your self because you need to get these things done so be happy and its no longer on your mind.

That happened to me recently and I had months worth to do but I know it wasn’t healthy to do it all in one day but it felt so good completing things but I just ran out of time in the day to it and I felt defeated when I should be happy.

I’m glad I learnt a lesson to keep things spread out and to be okay with what you did not what you haven’t done.



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Handwriting like a lefty

Hey everyone

Welcome back to my blog. I hope you enjoy today’s post.


I have recently been into journaling a lot and I feel like my style of handwriting has really come out. My style was print and cursive put together for the longest time and I never knew how to fix it make it one or the other. But I was on youtube and I was watching a video from sunshine & stationary- she has a series called lettering like a left and I got motivated to try and journal abit more. I’m so happy that I did take that leap.

I will be having pictures of my journaling on my Instagram so stay tuned for that.


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I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

Be safe and remember to keep going you can do anything but the first step is to try.


Let's breathe, New Update

Tip and Trick

Hey everyone

Welcome back to another blog post

This post is all about tips and ticks with gain weight.

I know for some people it is a nightmare to gain weight and its stressful but it doesn’t have to be. It’s actually very simple.

  1.  If you can’t gain weight by eating then that okay still eat but go to the gym and work on strength it’s a wonderful thing and it help you stay motivate because being forces on one thing at a time will make sure your doing every workout safely and correct.
  2. Keep eating even if just small meals on the go or at lunch etc.
  3. Make sure you drink water it’s going to help your body in many ways
  4. talk to your gym and you may need a personal trainer there to help not judge.
  5. ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST but DON’T PUSH YOURSELF TO MUCH but a little every time.
  6. be proud of your body and who you are



I know that gaining weight isn’t for everyone but please be respectful and let people do what they want it is there body and if there need to gain weight go head. I fully have you back.


New Update, November

November is Here

Hey everyone 

Are you excited?

Welcome to November

  • 2 blog post next week
  • YOU MUST be following me on Twitter and Instagram to see all the sneak-peaks
  • Each week will be themed (try to my best)

Planning November

  1. Have you planned your November?
  2. Do you have a theme?
  3. What is exciting that’s coming up for you in this month?

My Answers to the following Questions

  1. Yes I have planned November in my bullet journal
  2. My theme is pink and blue
  3. I have my 30 day November challenge

Please twitter me or Instagram me your answers to my question.


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New Update

Goodbye October Hello November

Hey everyone

Welcome to my blog post for this week. I am Mythoughsforreal where I blog about my thoughts on the world or random thoughts that I would like for the world to hear.

If that seems interesting than stick around and welcome to what it’s like being inside my head.

October Favourites

Social Media

  • Thinking of new ideas for my blog- has been my favourite thing so far also giving sneak-peaks of what I have been doing for next year.
  • Being on Twitter and Instagram most days has been wonderful and a big help
  • Twitter and insta is now @Mythoughtsforrea (twitter) and mythoughtsforreal on (insta)


November is just around the corner.

I’m so excited for what I have in store for you guys #somanyblogideas

What is coming out this month?

  • 2 brand new blog post a week
  • More sneak-peeks for  the up coming months and next year


I hope you have a wonderful week, I hope you enjoy reading my blog post and look forward to the next one. If you like this blog post check out more of my post click the links.

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Being Yourself Poem

How did I get into bullet journaling 

The struggle is REAL


How did I get into bullet journaling 

Hey everyone 

Welcome to another blog post with yours truely. 

I hope your having a wonderful Monday 

How did I get into bullet journaling?

Well for me to answer we have to jump back in time to when I was I a kid. 

As a kid I would always get this journals like on a holiday or it would be an upside down old school book that I didn’t finish. 

I would sometime journal about what I did on my holiday or when I went to a friends house. 

Fastward to 2016

Wait that was last year 

Yes it seem forever ago now. Like the saying gose, time flys when your having fun. 

Anyways I was on YouTube and this video came up and it was a plan with me. I watched it being the curios person I am and I ended up talking to my friend about it after it was like a three hour call. 

So yea I was driven to this and it made me reunit with my writing and 2017 is when I started to somewhat bullet journal. 

Thank you for reading my blog today I hope you found it a little bit helpful to know little bit of who I am 


New Update

The struggle is REAL

Hey Everyone

Welcome to the blog post for this week.


I’m just going to get to the point as I have been struggling to come up with blog ideas and writing in general like for my story I just don’t know why can’t get my head in it.

It’s not writer’s block I have some ideas on where my story is going but it doesn’t take this long to still be on my brainstorm I mean I want my story and all of my blogs to be well done, I want to be happy with I put out you know.

All I can do is to keep writing to my best and grow as a writer as I haven’t been writing for that long.


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Hi Everyone

This is just an update on whats coming up in the next month that is super cool.

I will be doing the NaNoWriMo Challenge in November.

So come and join me this month is the #preptober

What should I be achieving?

I want to say I finished a project for once.

I want to see how far I get at least finish a draft of my story.

Writing is something I can be come better at and this challenge is a way to start getting my story moving.

I’m so excited I have started #preptober

GOODLUCK to everyone that is going to be doing this challenge