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Over Fidget Spinners — June 5, 2017

Over Fidget Spinners


Before reading this I have nothing against YouTube itself or the people who work of them NOR this is a RANT.

It’s only for entertainment and It’s just my opinion.

I hope you enjoy

I get the fact that fidget spinners are to help people. I can not help to think that when I looked on the YouTube Trending page that the 12th video down is a kid that loses an eye to a fidget spinners.

In the video the guy says that he going to watch some fail videos of fidget spinners and then the youtuber goes on to say that there is a that loses his eye from a fidget spinner and then starts to promote the fidget spinner if you like his video and subscribe to his channel.

Look i’m not saying this youtuber is bad and saying no to him promoting the things that he like and other people in the world like it.

Like it seemed the YouTuber didn’t care and just brushes it of and i’m so over youtubers saying hit the bell if want this and that or be subscribe and i get that they all need views but an enough is enough If i’m watching a video and i have never seen your channel and you tell me to subscribe and hit the bell in every one of your videos.

I know what your thinking.

It’s not the YouTubers it’s the people that other people in the company of YouTube.

I’m just going to say it that YouTube will never go back to what it was.

I mean its fine people have to make money and views and all that but what if I want to just watch one of your video and you don’t put hit the bell and like button it well probably mean I will be a fan of you channel and I won’t feel pressured into becoming your fan.


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New Update — May 29, 2017
My Health & Fitness Story — May 22, 2017

My Health & Fitness Story

Over the years I did sport for example gymnastics, dancing, played t-ball, softball, baseball, tennis and I swam.

My weight over the years between 12 and 19 I was 30kg ,35kg ,30kg, 41.0 ,42.5kg. You can see I have trouble gaining weight. But then I found a way to bring on the weight. You guess it. I love going to the gym it’s so fun and the best thing is that I can bring my friend along and it’s just another way to get fit and health as my goal is to get to 50-55kg.

I mentioned that I to the gym and I work on my whole body but I break it down into upper body and lower body I also drink energy drinks like Powerade and water. The reasons I drink the Powerade is to give my body the sugars, salts that it lacks and they taste great. I’m also bad at drinking water so the Powerade is prefect.


I know that people that do health and fitness and it’s all about to loss weight it’s just some of us can’t put weight on. Honesty i couldn’t find a blog that helped when i googled what is the best thing to put on the weight besides eating. so that’s when I decided to write my own blog on health and fitness. I hope this will help you reading my story. I will be doing an update if any thing  changes like me reaching my goal.

Take Care and Be Nice to One Another


Thoughts on Planners — May 9, 2017

Thoughts on Planners

We have had all types of a planners. Whether it be a school diary, journal, or a planner. You probably still use them for note taking (Bullet Journal) or to just having a calendar on the wall.

I think it is for what you want it to be.

  •  closer to your goals
  • have planner piece
  • shopping lists
  • Many more things

I use a planner if work gets busy or friends / family outings or life in generally gets busy. I also love doing my own inserts that you can see on my Instagram I post almost daily of the insert that I create and I like to plan my blog posts in my planner among other things like tracking, I draw, I even started with a food log at the start of the year.

My journal has evolved it to something else gone for food log to bullet Journal to notes to drawing back to the bullet journal and whatever else it has in store for me. This book is  not what I expected it to be and I’m loving it is an experiment really to see what i like and don’t like in it so for next time I can take what I want and make it right for my journal next year.


I know there are millions of other planners out there. What I listed up there was off the top of my head but feel free to look up planners on Google or YouTube.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post this week.

Take Care





Writing Basics Part 1 — April 29, 2017

Writing Basics Part 1

A year ago I was thinking to myself that i wanted to write a story of some sort. Then i had an idea to sit and just wing it. So yea that didn’t work out to well for me in fact it was 6 months later that I come up with a whole new idea started from scratch. I planned it and still planning it to this day, most of the characters, are done, plot is done, setting/ what events and even the littlest bit of the climax; also i have some other side notes. But to me it’s not just about how it is written it’s about  enjoying it while writing and coming up with ideas and making characters the best and realistic for the read to get grossed in the story or book or short story.

I’m going to share some tips and trick to help you get started.

TIPS and Tricks

Side note- (all of the ideas is your brainstorm)

  •  write it down an idea the minute you think of it whether its on a notepad or laptop on word.doc or in a book.
  • Then once you have all of your ideas put them in categories such as Plot,  Everything about the characters, Event that happen, Climax and Side Notes
  • Set yourself a goal to finish the brainstorm like an example is i have until may the 31st to finish my brainstorm because if I don’t make a goal the story wont move on or  it will be rushed. It wont be what I want it to be in the end
  • Try and write everyday in a week in a month and you will see it grow and involve in to something real rather it be a dream. Do it for 30 mins a day.
  • If you seem to be in a brain dead or known as a writer block then just walk away for it for a few day or up to a week and that should refresh your mind.
  • If it helps use highlights or different pen colours to do each categories and that when comes to writing the real thing is it well be easier to find what you need.

My adventure took place one year ago today I started writing and my story yes it is just a brainstorm at the moment but if ketp on top of it checking my goals then I’m able to make it in to something even if it never gets seen by the public in my heart I’m happy.

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog post on Writing Basic Part 1

If you have any comments please leave them and I get back to them asap




Fact or Fiction Part 1 — March 29, 2017

Fact or Fiction Part 1


Welcome to the first Fact or Fiction Series Part 1

I am Mythoughtsforreal

If dinosaurs were ‘real’ and were ‘the first things on this planet’ right all those years ago;

Now have a think about Crocodiles and Alligators beening living dinosaurs;

A fact about Crocodiles and Alligators.

1. These animals have 4 things in common with a dinosaurs

  • big head
  • long lizard like bodies
  • four stubby legs
  • long tail

For more fact go to Alligators and crocs


This is a light hearted not serious family friendly SERIES.

Some weeks it may just be facts other weeks maybe fictional or weeks where it is both BUT some of it will be my opinions on the fact or fiction BUT there will be links if i have gotten the fact or fiction from someone else.

Take care hope you enjoy



New Update — March 27, 2017

New Update

Hi I am mythoughsforreal

Yes…… Hi how are you today?……. posting a new update on phew things.

One is that i came up with a Fact or Fiction Series where i well talk about a topic and tell you whether it is Fact or Fiction or both.

This well happen once a week.

If you want a sneak peak to when I’m going to be uploading check out this links

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Look forward to more posts from me very soon

Take care



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