New Update

Update- End of July start of August 

Hey everyone 

Once again another month of success. 

So I am going to be uploading on Mondays from now on because it seem to be going super well.

So August and the other months to come we’ll be Monday blogs. 


Please stay awesome 

Let's breathe, Updates

Something came up???

Hey everyone

It’s mythoughtsforreal here and I know what you are thinking aren’t you suppose to do a tea recipe blog post. And yes I was but something came up and it inspired me to make this blog post about life and how you can’t compare it everyone else life.

Whether you are going though something hard or not I want you to take a minute or 5 to sit somewhere quite and think about how to deal with it all. For example.


Ten years ago, I was going though a rough patch and in that moment I gave myself a two options

  1. To sit and be sad and let people walk all over me


2. Think of a mental happy place/path to go down

I chose no. 2 I didn’t stop there I made my path and every time i have a problem there is always three options in my way a door, a wall and a hole.

Now you may be think that silly and childish but


The first hurdle is the door, you don’t have a key to unlock it. So what do you do?

Its the something in real life, Your friend as annoyed you what do you do?

The second hurdle is the wall, you can’t go under,you can’t go over, you can’t go left nor right. What do you do?

Mother nature is going to keep knocking you down until you can’t stand no more

And the last hurdle is the hole, you can’t climb out, you can’t dig. What do you do?

Each of these hurdles you can overcome its whether you chose to or not.

I can say I have prefect it in since ten years ago I still use this silly method to help me become stronger and not let people or things bring me down.

This may not work for you but give it ago and eventually you will be able to create your own happy place.

Be kind to each other and be the most awesome you can ever be

Hope you enjoy my blog today

Thank you




Let's breathe

Breathe…… breathe 

I have found in the past week that I have had way to many panic atacks and i have to remember to just breathe and focus on one thing at a time. 

Hey everyone 

It’s my birthday 

I just wannted to say that happy birthday to anyone else out there 

I also wanna say just be yourself and breathe its comes down to you and wether your going to step out of your cumfortzone or not. 

Well today is the day to do it. 

Your going to be okay just breathe 



What do I use my planner for

Hey everyone 

Today I’ll be blogging about what I use my planner for. (These are just what I put in). If you are first starting a planner here are some questions and my answers to help you though a overwelleming time. 


Dose a planner have to be expenses or can it be cheap? 


For the first time planning I don’t think you should get an expenses planner as you may not use all of it. But if you just get a cheap one and you don’t use it you aren’t going to be sad about it.

In my experience I have a $5 target planner


Do you what your planner to be functional or pretty or both?


My planner is differently functional but there is nothing wrong with pretty planner. 
End of question and awnsers

I have an index where I go though my planner and grab a sticky note and write the pages that I wanna keep so I can forward them to the next planner and have a full system as this planner dosent have a system

(Do this as a mid review) 

At the end of the day it about finding your planner peace 

Hope this blog post on what do I put in my planner helps you out 



My Blog Story Part 1


First I would like to say thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. Any of them it really means the world to me.

For those who don’t know me I am Mythoughtsforreal or on my twitter and intsa i am @comelong2create.


Here is my story of how I started blogging. It began in 2012 on Facebook decided to set up a blog page where you could read my blog about what makeup products and what i bought that month or week depending. That lasted about one year and I took a break and took it down deleted every post and the Facebook page. Looking back I really don’t know why I did I mean I wasn’t doing anything bad I was just blogging about what I liked, So then it got me thinking and half way though 2014 i found WordPress and fell in love with it. It was like the ideas were coming to me non stop and that was great but then 2015-2016 came and i felt like I wasn’t good enough even though the only person telling me that i wasn’t good enough was myself, I know I’m not the best speller in the world I know that I have trouble reading why bother. So I just stop. Fast forward one year later and it’s 2017 I looked at my blog redid it, scraped everything and started clean. 2017 was the year I didn’t care if i am a so learned i’m learning everyday and that’s the may thing  and its perfectly okay to be sad about anything, I am me and that’s awesome. So i went back to the drawing board and wrote blog ideas and gave myself the June challenge to post a blog every Monday and honesty I can say I have missed one Mondays out of 4 I have done 2 Mondays in June and honestly I’m so proud of each one of my post.

That is my blog story for now this is part one as i’m sure there is more to come.

I would like to say THANK YOU so much for everyone that has read one of my blog post. It truly means the world to me.




I’m OKAY Poem

Today I’m a happy chappy,

I hear birds chipping away ,

Tomorrow I’ll be happy jumping in puddles

I hear the rain falling on my rain boots making a pit-padder sound

The world around me will fight and put a boundary around me

I know you may not like me but you cant not destroy me,

If you must knock me down, go ahead,

Remember this I’ll be back on top and stand with my head high

I’ll will be my own brand and be proud of WHO I Am

I will be OKAY


I shall forever be OKAY




My Monthly Book Review

The book I picked for the month of June was The Devils Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce.

Ambrose Bierce (1842- 1914) was a Solider, Short story writer, Journalist, Poet.

The Devils Dictionary is a comedy book. It was published in 1911.

This book made me have all of thing emotions that a person has. Some of the poems, short story were touching and admiring.

I liked the way the author had written it. It was like i was there sitting with him and reading it.

I came across this book two weeks ago I was on the Audio book website it also on the app store. I have never been a good reader nor liked books but Audio books give a whole new twist to book like their change the narrators each time there is a new book or in The Devils Dictionary there were multiple voices and I just love it

I rate this out of five stars: 5/5

I hope you enjoy my post.


I know it is a day late but i have been unwell but none the less better late then never.






Over Fidget Spinners


Before reading this I have nothing against YouTube itself or the people who work of them NOR this is a RANT.

It’s only for entertainment and It’s just my opinion.

I hope you enjoy

I get the fact that fidget spinners are to help people. I can not help to think that when I looked on the YouTube Trending page that the 12th video down is a kid that loses an eye to a fidget spinners.

In the video the guy says that he going to watch some fail videos of fidget spinners and then the youtuber goes on to say that there is a that loses his eye from a fidget spinner and then starts to promote the fidget spinner if you like his video and subscribe to his channel.

Look i’m not saying this youtuber is bad and saying no to him promoting the things that he like and other people in the world like it.

Like it seemed the YouTuber didn’t care and just brushes it of and i’m so over youtubers saying hit the bell if want this and that or be subscribe and i get that they all need views but an enough is enough If i’m watching a video and i have never seen your channel and you tell me to subscribe and hit the bell in every one of your videos.

I know what your thinking.

It’s not the YouTubers it’s the people that other people in the company of YouTube.

I’m just going to say it that YouTube will never go back to what it was.

I mean its fine people have to make money and views and all that but what if I want to just watch one of your video and you don’t put hit the bell and like button it well probably mean I will be a fan of you channel and I won’t feel pressured into becoming your fan.


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