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Something came up???

Hey everyone

It’s mythoughtsforreal here and I know what you are thinking aren’t you suppose to do a tea recipe blog post. And yes I was but something came up and it inspired me to make this blog post about life and how you can’t compare it everyone else life.

Whether you are going though something hard or not I want you to take a minute or 5 to sit somewhere quite and think about how to deal with it all. For example.


Ten years ago, I was going though a rough patch and in that moment I gave myself a two options

  1. To sit and be sad and let people walk all over me


2. Think of a mental happy place/path to go down

I chose no. 2 I didn’t stop there I made my path and every time i have a problem there is always three options in my way a door, a wall and a hole.

Now you may be think that silly and childish but


The first hurdle is the door, you don’t have a key to unlock it. So what do you do?

Its the something in real life, Your friend as annoyed you what do you do?

The second hurdle is the wall, you can’t go under,you can’t go over, you can’t go left nor right. What do you do?

Mother nature is going to keep knocking you down until you can’t stand no more

And the last hurdle is the hole, you can’t climb out, you can’t dig. What do you do?

Each of these hurdles you can overcome its whether you chose to or not.

I can say I have prefect it in since ten years ago I still use this silly method to help me become stronger and not let people or things bring me down.

This may not work for you but give it ago and eventually you will be able to create your own happy place.

Be kind to each other and be the most awesome you can ever be

Hope you enjoy my blog today

Thank you




Let's breathe

Breathe…… breathe 

I have found in the past week that I have had way to many panic atacks and i have to remember to just breathe and focus on one thing at a time. 

Hey everyone 

It’s my birthday 

I just wannted to say that happy birthday to anyone else out there 

I also wanna say just be yourself and breathe its comes down to you and wether your going to step out of your cumfortzone or not. 

Well today is the day to do it. 

Your going to be okay just breathe