Traveler's Notebook

5 days DIY Traveler’s Notebook

Hey Everyone

Welcome back to another blog post

5 days in a Travelers notebook that I made myself.

A few days before I knew that I wasn’t going to use my bullet journal for the month of May as it hadn’t been working as I didn’t have much going on in my life and I really don’t so I decided that I would try a travelers notebook style but it didn’t want to spend a lot of money so I didn’t but I thought I couldn’t make it. I know how to sew and that’s what I did.

I found some old pretty cards that I had laying around the house, I had the paper (coloured paper because it is better for my eyes then white paper) and I have a sewing machine.

At first, I made 3 inserts one is for my blog, the second one is for planning and the last is for the gym I didn’t have to make or buy any made insert as I like having blank paper no dots/ lines or grid.

Then I set it up like I wanted it I made my cover out of matiral that i had already, i was happy with its turn out yes in no way is it perfect but that what i was going for and it reminds me that no one is perfect and i love having my pages look rough and messy becuase it gave my travelers notebook some charater and I am enjoying it I have added an extra insert but i am no where in complete of happyness and the more i play with it and the more i write in it is where my creative never ends.

This is why there wasn’t a Wednesday blog post as I was making my travel notebook and I couldn’t be more excited to go on my adventure in it. I well differently have an update on it and look for that on my social media

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post today and remember to have fun and be creative


Planners, Updates

What’s New In 2018

Hey everyone

Welcome back to another blog post

What is staying the same:

  • My Blog Schedule

I’m keeping my uploading schedule for two days a week.

What days

Wednesdays and Fridays if your in the South Pacific

Tuesdays and Thursdays everywhere else

For Social Media twitter and insta, I will be trying to post daily

Whats Changing?

Starting in January I will be in my second bullet journal and I have it almost set up to how I want. I so looking forward to the change I will not be doing a flip through of my first ever bj. Maybe later down the track but not now.

I will be posting a lot more next year, so start tune for that


New Update, November

November is Here

Hey everyone 

Are you excited?

Welcome to November

  • 2 blog post next week
  • YOU MUST be following me on Twitter and Instagram to see all the sneak-peaks
  • Each week will be themed (try to my best)

Planning November

  1. Have you planned your November?
  2. Do you have a theme?
  3. What is exciting that’s coming up for you in this month?

My Answers to the following Questions

  1. Yes I have planned November in my bullet journal
  2. My theme is pink and blue
  3. I have my 30 day November challenge

Please twitter me or Instagram me your answers to my question.


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New Update

When, What, Where and Why

Hi Everyone 

It’s been awhile.

I’m back and I’m ready to have more blogs up for you.

So where have I been?

I have been working and thinking. 

What have I been thinking of?

I have been thinking of is blogs what I want to post.

When is the next post going to be up? Is there a new schedule? 

The schedule for uploading is Mondays   

Why I am posting this? 

I am posting this because I feel like something need explain and my schedule isn’t perfect I am human and sometimes we forget to things or we aren’t happy and we a break from the internet. 

So look forward to more great blogs by me 




Bullet Journal Thoughts

Hey everyone

Here is a question

Why is that index at the front of the bullet journal?

When it should be a contents page or table of contents. For all you bullet journal lovers out there dose this not bother anyone else, i mean when i was growing up i would look in  a book and at the back of a book there would be a glossy or index page and at the front  there will be a contents page or table of contents.

So why is the Bullet Journal have an index at the front shouldn’t it be a contents page.

As I keep thinking about this it just shows how something can be so different but yet so motivating and is a big help to all of us.

In the end if putting the index at the front is making you happy then go ahead keep doing it.

I hope your at planner peace



What do I use my planner for

Hey everyone 

Today I’ll be blogging about what I use my planner for. (These are just what I put in). If you are first starting a planner here are some questions and my answers to help you though a overwelleming time. 


Dose a planner have to be expenses or can it be cheap? 


For the first time planning I don’t think you should get an expenses planner as you may not use all of it. But if you just get a cheap one and you don’t use it you aren’t going to be sad about it.

In my experience I have a $5 target planner


Do you what your planner to be functional or pretty or both?


My planner is differently functional but there is nothing wrong with pretty planner. 
End of question and awnsers

I have an index where I go though my planner and grab a sticky note and write the pages that I wanna keep so I can forward them to the next planner and have a full system as this planner dosent have a system

(Do this as a mid review) 

At the end of the day it about finding your planner peace 

Hope this blog post on what do I put in my planner helps you out