New Update

It’s been while

Hey everyone

It’s been a while

Welcome to a new blog post

Why I have stopped posting blogs?

I have stopped posting because I just ran out of ideas I have also been busy with getting fit, eating healthy and working on my story.

Am I going to be back and uploading Monday and Wednesday?

No, I am not at least not for this month. However, I will be trying to think of ideas and hopefully find a way to balance everything out so I can have a tonne of new ideas and new post out for you.

For now, I leave you with this and hope to be uploading more very soon


New Update


Hey everyone

So where have I been? Why I have stop blogging?

To answer those questions we have to go back to December I decide that for 2018 that I only want to put out content that is helpful and that I will be posting when ever; there will be no schedule but either be uploading on a Wednesday or Monday.

I stoped blogging because I didn’t like some of my content that I was putting out nor did I edit them so I’m learn how to be patient with my writing and how to edit them properly. So yes it will take a while. But in no time I have an update when thing will be back to normal.

I also have been working on some things behind the scenes

I hope this is helpful on where I have been and why I stoped blogging


Planners, Updates

What’s New In 2018

Hey everyone

Welcome back to another blog post

What is staying the same:

  • My Blog Schedule

I’m keeping my uploading schedule for two days a week.

What days

Wednesdays and Fridays if your in the South Pacific

Tuesdays and Thursdays everywhere else

For Social Media twitter and insta, I will be trying to post daily

Whats Changing?

Starting in January I will be in my second bullet journal and I have it almost set up to how I want. I so looking forward to the change I will not be doing a flip through of my first ever bj. Maybe later down the track but not now.

I will be posting a lot more next year, so start tune for that


Let's breathe, November

Staying True, Staying You.

Hey everyone

Welcome back to another week of what it is like being inside my head.

Do you ever have those days where you feel so productive and you still don’t get half the crap you needed to get done and you feel so upset that you look your To-do list and think what was I think that’s too much all in one day? So you be smart and move things around but you feel even more upset, you wanna keep pushing your self because you need to get these things done so be happy and its no longer on your mind.

That happened to me recently and I had months worth to do but I know it wasn’t healthy to do it all in one day but it felt so good completing things but I just ran out of time in the day to it and I felt defeated when I should be happy.

I’m glad I learnt a lesson to keep things spread out and to be okay with what you did not what you haven’t done.



New Update

Goodbye October Hello November

Hey everyone

Welcome to my blog post for this week. I am Mythoughsforreal where I blog about my thoughts on the world or random thoughts that I would like for the world to hear.

If that seems interesting than stick around and welcome to what it’s like being inside my head.

October Favourites

Social Media

  • Thinking of new ideas for my blog- has been my favourite thing so far also giving sneak-peaks of what I have been doing for next year.
  • Being on Twitter and Instagram most days has been wonderful and a big help
  • Twitter and insta is now @Mythoughtsforrea (twitter) and mythoughtsforreal on (insta)


November is just around the corner.

I’m so excited for what I have in store for you guys #somanyblogideas

What is coming out this month?

  • 2 brand new blog post a week
  • More sneak-peeks for  the up coming months and next year


I hope you have a wonderful week, I hope you enjoy reading my blog post and look forward to the next one. If you like this blog post check out more of my post click the links.

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The struggle is REAL

New Update

The struggle is REAL

Hey Everyone

Welcome to the blog post for this week.


I’m just going to get to the point as I have been struggling to come up with blog ideas and writing in general like for my story I just don’t know why can’t get my head in it.

It’s not writer’s block I have some ideas on where my story is going but it doesn’t take this long to still be on my brainstorm I mean I want my story and all of my blogs to be well done, I want to be happy with I put out you know.

All I can do is to keep writing to my best and grow as a writer as I haven’t been writing for that long.


New Update

When, What, Where and Why

Hi Everyone 

It’s been awhile.

I’m back and I’m ready to have more blogs up for you.

So where have I been?

I have been working and thinking. 

What have I been thinking of?

I have been thinking of is blogs what I want to post.

When is the next post going to be up? Is there a new schedule? 

The schedule for uploading is Mondays   

Why I am posting this? 

I am posting this because I feel like something need explain and my schedule isn’t perfect I am human and sometimes we forget to things or we aren’t happy and we a break from the internet. 

So look forward to more great blogs by me 



New Update

New updates

Hey Everyone

New updates on next month SEPTEMBER

The things i’ll be talk about is:

  1. The schedule
  2. Why the schedule is changing for the month of SEPTEMBER
  3. Blog dates
  4. Other information


1. The Schedule

For the past 3 months I have been posting on Mondays and it’s been so much fun.

2. Schedule Change and Why

September is going to be different for posting blogs

I’ll be away from the internet until the second week of September.

3. These are the dates blogs will be posted

18th, and the  25th which are both Mondays

20th and the 27th which are both Wednesday


4. Other Information

If you have an thoughts or ideas on blog post please feel free to let me know on my social media

Social Media links

My Instagram

My Twitter

Links to other post

My recent one

Being Yourself Poem

Older ones

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Thank you for reading my blog post today

Hope you enjoy the rest of your day



Being Yourself Poem

Hey everyone

My new poem is called Being Yourself.


This poem may have a different meaning to you then what it dose for me so please be mindful when reading it

Being Yourself

The night is young

My lungs feel so free

A laugh is what I need

Until then I can live as a bee


You speak of wisdom

And yet you lie about the truth

I love and loved you

But you seem not to care


I’m done from hiding

I’m done from society

I’m done from caring

I’m done from you


You find me in the playground

You try to talk to me

You can’t knock me down

Even if it tried


I’m happy as can be

I’m happy why can’t you see

I’m happy in society

I’m happy being me

END of poem

I hope you enjoy  Being Yourself Poem.

I had so much fun writing the poem and it’s what is in my heart and I write by what i feel.


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